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A recent study by Google found that 96% of consumers encountered sites on their mobile devices that weren’t designed with such devices in mind. It also found that almost half reported feeling frustrated and annoyed at their experience. This is both a big opportunity and a big problem for companies wanting to engage with mobile device users.

Mobile Friendly + Users = Customers

It surely is a no-brainer that if users prefer a mobile-friendly website, then the fastest path to turn them into customers who will more likely make a purchase on your website, is to give them what they want. Google’s study showed:

  • When they visited a mobile-friendly site, 74% of people say they’re more likely to return to that site in the future
  • 67% of mobile users say when they visit a mobile friendly site, they’re more likely to buy your site’s products or services

Not having a mobile-friendly site helps your competition

Having a great mobile website experience is becoming increasingly important. If mobile device users cannot find what there looking for on your website because it isn’t mobile-friendly then chance are they will keep searching for one that does and that means your competitor could be winning your customers.

Again according to recent Google research

  • 61% of users said that if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site, they’d quickly move on to another site
  • 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site
  • 50% of people said that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if the website isn’t mobile-friendly

Non-mobile friendly websites can hurt your company’s reputation

Losing a sale might not be the only consequence of giving users a bad experience when arriving at your non-mobile friendly site. With nearly half of those users asked feeling more than a bit frustrated, it can lead them to feel that your brand has a negative view of them. Worse still over a third of those asked for their opinion said they felt like that had wasted their time and over half said they were less likely to engage with a company. If users feel that you don’t care about their custom, they are less likely to encourage others to do so either.

If we now know that mobile users will actively seek out and indeed prefer to engage with mobile-friendly sites and brands, it should be a sobering reminder of just how quickly users attitudes about companies can be shaped by websites that offer a satisfying mobile experience. If you want to nurture strong customer relations then ensure your website meets your users needs now.
Here at Icthus Solutions we build everything from a mobile-friendly experience to ensure both your company and your prospective customers get the most from visiting your website.

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