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Church websites just like any other website these days need to mobile friendly. What do I mean by mobile friendly? A website that displays correctly and maintains an ease of use regardless of the device you are using.

A recent study of mobile phone usage in the UK published by Deloitte showed that one in four people own a smartphone. In addition to this nearly two thirds of the population had access to a tablet. So what does that mean for churches?

Purpose Of Church Websites

There are a myriad of reasons for churches to have a website. Here are but a few:

  1. Help people looking for a church home.
  2. Assist people already attending the church to know what ministries and activities are available for them.
  3. To help people grow spiritually by providing additional resources that complement the services and ministries.

If you look around your church these days, you will see a growing number of the congregation following along with the reading from their smartphone or tablet. I do it myself, and even many ministers use them during their sermon.

Mobile Friendly Church Websites: Why?

Just because you are a church itdoesn’t mean you can sit back and wait for people to find you. For a few years now Google has been ranking websites via their search enginebased on how well they work on a mobile device. That means that unless potential visitors know your name they may struggle to find you via their searches. Of course there are are many other factors affecting search results, but with so many people now reliant on their smartphone for pretty much everything, is it really worth neglecting?

You could of course hope that visitors will be happy to spend their valuable free time ‘pinching’ and ‘zooming’ around on your current website if it’s not mobile friendly. But Wait! Time is so precious these days!It’s simply not enough to ignore all those people struggling to find a contact number in an emergency or find the last sermon to listen too, because no one thought it was important to make it easy to get the relevant information from a mobile phone.

What Next?

Everything I build for my clients is built from the ground upwards to be mobile friendly. It’s not that hard to do with the right tools and skills. You don’t need to have a separate site even (take out) these days that just displays a text only version of your main site. People still want to see a colourful site when they visit your website via a mobile. One that maintains your brand colours and nice images.

If you would like to discuss with me how you can have a website that is mobile friendly, then please feel free to get in touch using the contact page on this site or the telephone number/email address at the top.

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