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I am going to help you make a big splash with your customers.

Churches like any other organisation need to get their message out to the people in their local and wider community. It doesn’t have to be complicated if you have the right person to help you. If your not sure or are having difficulties persuading your church to get a website design then these reasons might help you get the point across.

1. Staying in touch

Many churches still rely on printed bulletins or posters on a notice board. Often these get forgotten about after you leave church. With a website you can make your news and latest events available all of the time and save a few trees too.

2. Championing your vision

You can create awareness and share the vision of your church beyond the physical walls of the building and garner support from other churches and people who share your vision. Use your website to tell people what you believe and why in a language they can easily understand.

3. Reach a new audience

When people move to a new area for any reason, they may not wish to go church hopping to find out what kind of church suits them or their family. New members are the life blood of any church, but it can often feel daunting to visit for the first time. So may it easier for them, by giving them useful information about where and when you meet and what activities you offer. Provide them with faq’s about your church, so that when they do come they feel more comfortable

4. A church without walls

Life can get in the way sometimes of going to church regularly, whether it be health, work or family commitments. Make it easier for people to feel that they are not completely missing out on the sense of family that a church can offer. Maintain audio or video copies of your ministers sermons for people to listen to wherever they are. Keep a blog or journal of what’s been going on. Or again allow those seeking a church to discover in more depth what your about.

5. Organise events

Churches often have as much if not more happening during the week than they do on a Sunday. Using a calendar on your site is a great way to keep regulars updated with what’s happening. Use social network integration to keep everyone updated whenever they visit their Facebook page, or even pull in Facebook comments and have them displayed on your website for others to share and discuss. Create pre-bookable events or even paid events using PayPal for payments online.

6. Relating to youth

Young people have grown up in an technological age and are often prefer to use the internet to communicate. Make your website relevant to the future generation of your church and make it somewhere they feel safe to discuss what’s most important to them.

7. Keeping members informed

Church members often need access to additional information such as minutes and agendas for meetings or contact information for everyone who is a member of the church. Keep an up to date address book, or even use it to remind you of special dates in the lives of your congregation. Create a downloads section for those important agendas and minutes. All of this can be locked down under a registration system and then you manage who can see what.

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